BunkerZ by TrueYou Vienna Fashion Festival


BUNKERZ by TrueYou - A fashion label on the wrong side

With "BUNKERZ", the Viennese fashion label TrueYou launched a series of events in December of the previous year that is second to none. On 7.9. the event celebrates its third edition.


BUNKERZ lives above all from the concept of exclusivity. Strictly limited seats, no way to buy tickets and a mysterious location, which will be announced shortly before the actual event. These are the main ingredients of the "secret underground rave". The simple idea of wanting to thank the TrueYou community through a specially organized party resulted in a series of events with unimaginable potential. Because the concept of the event, which opens its doors for the third time on 7.9.2018, is in a sense unique and full of innovation. The cooperation partners also play a large part in this.


The drinks partner and sponsor of the event is Royal Bliss.

To a successful party also includes enough drinks. This is exactly what the new product line of soft drink giant Coca-Cola is all about, and with Tonic Water it provides the basis for a long evening of boisterous celebration. Because another fixed point of the event are free drinks. TrueYou wants to celebrate with the exclusively selected selection of party guests an unforgettable evening. Who made it on the guest list, does not have to pay a penny for the unique experience. Admission and drinks are free, the experience priceless.


Toyota also plays a key role in the event. The car manufacturer is providing a model of the new C-HR and is thus the focus of the evening. Because the special: In the trunk of the car are not shopping bags or the like, but a DJ console. Thus, the C-HR is eye-catching and center of the evening. An innovative, unprecedented approach to meaningful, cross-industry collaboration.


In a "secret underground rave", of course, the music is also the focus. Best sound is provided by the audio system manufacturer JBL. The American group celebrates its premiere at the second edition of the event series BUNKERZ and is thus responsible for ensuring that guests can enjoy rave sound in the best audio quality. These sounds are provided by some of the most famous faces of the Viennese DJ scene.


The underground rave "BUNKERZ by TrueYou" combines meaningful, innovative collaborations with a mysterious setting and a unique sense of exclusivity. On 7.9. The history of the event will be extended by a new chapter. More detailed registration information will follow soon.






For all those who see our common TrueYou Journey as a movement and an incentive to reinvent industries, we have realized this project together with Toyota Austria and the Secret Underground Raves launched: BUNKERZ by TrueYou - Total Involvement. Let's walk through this door together. # CHRTY #TrueYouCHR #ToyotaCHR

Posted by TrueYou on Sunday, December 17, 2017