Shakkei Vienna Fashion Festival by Thomas Lerch

Shakkei Fashion Show and After Show Party

As a special project with the support of the cultural department of the city of Vienna, MA 7, one day an outstanding Viennese designer Gabriel Baradee (SHAKKEI) will be able to increase his visibility with a fashion show and targeted communication measures.

"Fashion is more than dressing naked bodies. It is a communication system, it transports codes, signals. She quotes, comments, tells of the world in which we live. Fashion is attitude and statement - it can exhaust itself in uncritical decor, can question itself critically as anti-fashion, but can also become a political statement. Especially if it produces sustainable and fair, if the use of materials, human and ecological resources or forms of production is considered. For example, in the case of the Viennese designer Gabriel Baradee, who with his label Shakkei places high environmental and socially compatible demands on the production of his collections and the operation of his shop - from the fabric production to the execution him regional sewing workshops. Trendsetting fashion thinks globally, acts locally - and is a wonderfully sensual affair with a high addictive potential. Watch out and take care! "Says Mag. Veronica Kaup-Hasler, city councilor for culture and science in Vienna.

Shakkei Collection # 17 - The Micro House

Gabriel Baradee combines with the 17th collection of his label, the resource-saving micro houses of Japanese architecture with the meaning of the term "Shakkei" - gardens of the kind that they blend harmoniously into the landscape - a fashionable theme.

Analogous to micro houses, each of which is a small work of art, Shakkei collections have always been characterized by great attention to detail. With the combination of traditional Japanese art techniques and modern European influences, the designer consciously moves on the border between unique art and reproducible design.

In the women's fashion, Austrian embroidery meets the Japanese Shibori dyeing technique, diagonally draped skirts on quilted coats and geometrically linear patterns on natural dress forms. The complexity as a typical Shakkei element is continued in the men's fashion: Here meets the classic-looking, but refined refined winter coat, the artful knitted sweater and the supple jersey pants.

Gabriel Baradee is a sustainable fashion designer from Vienna. Baradee studied at the University of Vienna and the Free University of Berlin, Japanology and graduated with a bachelor's degree. He then studied stylistic and modelism at the ESMOD Berlin and graduated as a graduate fashion designer. Baradee attracted attention at an early stage, as his designs draw a bow to art. He has already participated in various art projects. In 2009 he founded the label SHAKKEI in Vienna. Baradee uses only materials from organic or sustainable production for his designs. The processing takes place mainly in the EU. In 2011, the Wien Museum, which owns the largest art historical collection in Europe, has included a design of elaborate crochet dress by Baradee (inventory number M22591). In 2012 he won the "Vienna Awards for Fashion and Lifestlye" in the category "Best Newcomer". Furthermore, Baradee won the Enjoy Award 2013, Best Green Life Style Shop and is on the A-List (Best of Austria).



Museum Square 1
1070 Vienna




Aftershow party afterwards in the SHAKKEI shop
Burggasse 43-45
1070 Vienna